How to prepare to visit Machu Picchu?

It will be one of the most special moments of your life. The visit to Machu Picchu is an incredible experience, from the starting point of the tour to the culmination at the top of the great Inca citadel. To live a full adventure in this beautiful destination, it is necessary to take some measures, as recommended by the experts at Palacio del Inka in Cusco and Tambo del Inka in the Sacred Valley.

Preparing the Trip

There are four types of entrances to Machu Picchu: only through the citadel, through Machu Picchu with mountain, through Huayna Picchu and through Huchuy Picchu. In all cases, it is preferable to book the ticket about two months in advance.
If the visit will take place in the dry season (from April to October), it is important to wear sunglasses and a cap or a wide-brimmed hat. If the trip will be made in the rainy season (from November to March), warm clothing, a waterproof poncho and non-slip sole shoes are necessary. At any time of the year, it is essential to bring sunscreen, repellent, and a bottle of water.

Overcoming Altitude Sickness

Anyone thinking of traveling to the Peruvian Andes has probably heard of altitude sickness or soroche. It is the lack of adaptation of the organism to altitude, where less oxygen pressure is generated, symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, agitation, among others, appear. Machu Picchu is at a lower altitude than Cusco, but if visiting the citadel is the focus of your trip, you do not want any heaviness to interfere in your experience. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent altitude sickness by following a few simple recommendations.

As soon as you arrive in the city of Cusco, it is preferable not to drink alcohol for the first 24 hours, as it can cause dehydration. Instead, you do need to drink a lot of water. Mate or coca candies can also be ingested. Carbohydrate-rich foods help prevent soroche and give you more energy. That first day, the important thing is to rest.

At Palacio del Inka, a Luxury Collection Hotel, in Cusco, the suites are equipped with oxygen shots, which have proven to be very effective against altitude sickness. On the other hand, there are pills against soroche that increase breathing capacity. It is very important that before consuming them you check with a primary care physician. 


The Best Way to get to Machu Picchu

Located in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Tambo del Inka, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa is the best contemporary entrance to the wide cultural and natural richness of this enchanted region. Here begins an inspiring journey.
From your private train station, you can embark on an unforgettable journey between Urubamba and Machu Picchu. The luxurious 1920s-style carriages include a dining car and a bar car, as well as an observatory with panoramic views.
Once in the town of Aguas Calientes, a guide will meet you to drive you to a private bus where you will take a special tour. Along the way, your guide will tell you in detail about the history of this wonder of the world and answer all your questions.
If you want to be even more sure that you have everything you need for an unforgettable experience, let the Tambo del Inka concierge team help you. All of The Luxury Collection's concierges are bilingual, certified experts in your destination, and proudly wear Les Clefs d'Or, the gold insignia of the famed International Concierge Society. There will be no better way to live this adventure, one of the most remarkable in the world.